Portable Nano Mist Spray

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Introducing Portable Nano Mist Sprayer by Lunarah Beauty, a brand new product that works on mist innovation and adds an amazing aroma to the air. Its ultrasonic double atomization effect & microporous atomizing plate keeps the spraying stable and effective. It projects hygienic and humidified air and is extremely elegant and easy to carry, enjoy the cool and moist air anytime anywhere.



Our Portable Nano Mist Spray amazingly produces fine spray. Our fine technology allows liquids to break into small droplets. It’s designed specially to be pocket friendly, therefore, it’s mini and portable.

Absorbs quickly and nourishes your skin deeply, because of it’s finer mist. Suitable for normal, oily, dry, combination, and sensitive skin types, keeping your face hydrated and healthy.

Our Nano Mist Spray is a multipurpose product, in other words, it could be utilized with our Saffron Toner, Mist Waters, Hydrosols, Rose Water, etc. This handy portable face steamer sprayer makes you feel relaxed and cool on a hot day. It helps the skin stay hydrated during all seasons.

Spray for 15 minutes when fully charged with a USB cable(included in the package), simple to use, and convenient to carry this Portable Mini Face Mist sprayer and you can put it in your handbag, purse, school bag, and even pockets.

Key Features:-

  • Ultrasonic Vibration Technology
  • Quick Easy USB Charging
  • Mini & Portable
  • Usable for 3 Hour
  • Capacity – 30ml
  • Graceful Design
  • Net Weight – 75g


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